Language and Business

For some reason I love hearing about language blunders. For example... For those learning a foreign language these blunders are common and, with the right attitude, can add flavor to the language learning process. In the business world, these blunders are even more poignant because international businesses "should know better," right? One which I Read more [...]

Grammar vs. Vocab – Which comes first?

Recently, I started a thread on a language learning forum and asked the forum members the simple question "Is vocabulary really necessary early on?" I posed this question in all sincerity based on one simple assumption: Vocabulary comes over time whether I like it or not, so wouldn't a focus on grammar be a better emphasis in the early stages of language Read more [...]

6 Free (or Cheap) Language Learning Resources

Are you familiar with the word "miser"? I realized the other day that when it comes to learning a new language, I happily bear that title - a miser, a penny pincher, a stingy old goat. I see no reason to spend much money on learning a new language. There are so many free (or cheap) resources to provide the information necessary to learn a new language Read more [...]

The Language-Time Conundrum

Have you ever caught yourself watching sands fall through the narrow opening of an hourglass? It's pretty impressive, really, that hundreds of years ago this simple method was devised for keeping time. The opening is set to a very specific width, and just the right amount of sand is loaded inside so that it takes a very specific amount of time for all Read more [...]

Can Bilingualism Make You More Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise?

- Benefits of Bilingualism - Learning a second language provides many benefits. Some study a second language for the intellectual stimulation, while others have a legitimate need (such as travel) that requires it. But the benefits of learning a new language often reach much farther than simply gratifying any one specific need.  Rest assured that the Read more [...]

Welcome to!

Welcome! Hello, and thank you for stopping in! Let me give you a quick introduction to who I am, the purpose of, and how this site can benefit you as a reader. I hope you find what you're looking for, and look forward to reading your comments.    Who is this guy? My name is Kenny Trent. I was named after Kenneth Mattingly, Read more [...]