– About the Author –

Image of Kenneth Trent, author of The Pocketbook Guide to Learning Languages

Hi, and welcome to TrentBooks.com! My name is Kenneth (“Kenny”) Trent, and this site is dedicated to my professional writing as a published author. I’m published both as a traditional and self-published author.

My published works are the result of what I value. Among the topics I author are business, language learning, and the doctrines of Jesus Christ (I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

– Why I Became an Author –

My goal is simply to share knowledge through my writings. Education is extremely important to me. My hope is that the learning I’ve gained can be passed on to my readers. I’ve earned two Masters Degrees (Master’s of Arts in Communication, and Master’s of Business Administration). I firmly believe that, as an author, sharing some of this education is one way to give back to the world in my own simple way.


– Who I Am –

I wish I could put something more grandiose here, but I’m just a regular guy who’s gone to a lot of school. I currently work as a Program Manager for Amazon.com. Before that I was a Construction Administration Manager for a residential contractor. I spent two years in Paraguay as a missionary, where I learned Spanish and Guarani and picked up a fair amount of Portuguese, as well. Afterwards I studied Biblical Hebrew and Ancient Greek in my undergraduate degree where I studied History. From there I moved on to my first Masters (Communication), where I studied the language learning process and how people use the mass media to acquire languages. In fact, my thesis eventually became my first book, The Pocketbook Guide to Learning Languages, which began my career as an author. After that I began my second graduate degree, a Masters in Business Administration, which led to my second book, In the Beginning: Building a Business without Breaking the Bank. I am happily married to a wonderful woman, and I have 5 amazing kids.

For more information, you can read my business and language blog. If you’d like a more comprehensive approach to launching a business or learning languages, take a look at my books.

– How to Benefit from TrentBooks.com –

You can benefit from TrentBooks.com in several ways. Perhaps the easiest is to read through the business and language blog for entries that interest you. I hope that as you do you will tell me your thoughts by commenting on the articles. I would love to hear your story, answer questions, or provide feedback. You can also join the mailing list to get strategies and advice sent right to your inbox (don’t worry, I won’t share your email address – EVER. I hate it when people do that to me, and I wouldn’t consider it with anyone else). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, my books contain the most comprehensive and valuable information on the site. I highly recommend them as the first place you turn when considering starting a new business or learning a new language.

Thanks again for stopping in, and I hope to hear from you soon!