Business Books"In the Beginning..." Book by Kenneth Trent

My first business book, In the Beginning: Building a Business without Breaking the Bank, was written specifically for the entrepreneur with limited resources. The idea is to help anyone with the will to succeed in establishing a business, including how to build your own website, how to establish an online presence, and basic concepts of business.

The foundation of In the Beginning rests on four main parts:

  1. The Vision – This helps you understand what the goal of every business should be in today’s online world (even if it’s not a wholly online business).
  2. The Technology – I address specific applications, programs, and tools for building your own online business without relying on others.
  3. Business Basics – The fundamental business concepts from my MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) are included for your benefit and learning.
  4. Resources – I include additional free (or very inexpensive) resources to help you build your business. These include free software programs, free online resources, and other tools to help you build a business.

In addition to my formal education, I’ve also included many of my own experiences in this business book. I’ve launched a few of my own hobby businesses, and I’ve helped others launch their businesses as well. I’ve done this by helping with technology solutions and offering basic marketing or business principles to help them in the early stages of their journey.

I am very excited to offer In the Beginning as my introductory business book. I believe it offers all of the basics you need for launching and building your own businesses without wasting precious resources. This puts more money back in your pocket much sooner. Because of this, I believe In the Beginning will pay for itself time and time again. In fact, it may be one of the best returns you’ll make on your business investment!

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