– Published Books –

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– Business Books –

My business writings come from my second Master’s Degree (in Business Administration). My degree emphasis was Technology and Innovation Management. The focus of my writings is on entrepreneurs leveraging technology to establish and grow their business. The idea is to focus on cutting costs so more money goes in your pocket.

Along with business as a main focus, I also include motivation principles throughout my writings. When I studied language learning (see below) I looked at the process of motivation in quite a bit of detail. Because of this, many of my writings include principles of motivation in general. They also include how to motivate yourself and others, especially when it comes to achieving something.


– Language Books –

My language writings come from two sources. First, I have some experience with several languages. I’m fluent in 3, conversant in a 4th, and have studied several others. Second, I studied the language learning process while earning my first Master’s Degree in Communication. So my language writings combine both experience and academic insight.

As with my business writings, my language writings also contain a lot of insight on motivation. During my first graduate degree I studied principles of motivation together with the language learning process. I did this to better understand why some people succeeded in learning a new language and some did not. The result is what I callĀ The Motivation Cycle. Applying this cycle extends well beyond just language learning. But understanding it in the context of languages can help you understand where the principles emerged from.


– LDS Books –

As a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I also enjoy studying, learning, teaching, and writing about the doctrines of the Savior. These books are focused on LDS learning. They include topics such as LDS doctrine and LDS culture. The books in this category were written mostly for members of the LDS Church, but anyone is welcome to read them.