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The first language book I released was The Pocketbook Guide to Learning Languages Book cover for the language book The Pocketbook Guide to Learning Languages(available in from Amazon in hardback with free shipping for Prime members, as well as available for the Kindle). For this language book, I turned to scientific research and more than a decade of personal experience with multiple languages. In my experience and research I discovered that people from all across the globe, from cultures on all continents, learn second languages naturally using the principles outlined in the pages of this little language book. The Pocketbook Guide to Learning Languages brings the process of language learning together with principles of motivation. These principles of motivation are specific to languages and empower you to learn a new language – any new language.

The Pocketbook Guide to Learning Languages reveals the process of language learning as it occurs naturally, every day, throughout the world. These simple  principles will give you the direction to incorporate language learning into daily life, naturally and efficiently. Even more importantly, principles of motivation are explored which will ensure a successful outcome regardless of the language pursued. This should be the first language book you turn to when considering learning a new language.

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Key information is drawn from research participants from all over the world, including Argentina, Spain, Germany, Chuuk, the Philippines, Ecuador, and Russia. People around the world learn languages naturally, using very practical strategies and principles.. More importantly, these principles are often very different than how many people perceive language learning. The Pocketbook Guide to Learning Languages presents these methods in a meaningful way that will help you successfully learn a new language.

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