Why Media Helps with Language Learning

- The Media's Role in Language Learning - I'm a strong advocate for using the media for language learning and there is a simple reason for this: We are storytelling creatures, and stories promote language acquisition. George Gerbner wrote about storytelling a lot during his academic career. As a media research scientist, Gerbner focused on storytelling Read more [...]

Language Learning for Children

As a homeschooling father, language learning in the home is very important to me. As a parent, I see regular opportunities for teaching my own children how to learn a language (specifically Spanish in our home). But whether you are a homeschooling family or not there are substantial benefits to learning a second language (such as those found here: Can Read more [...]

Using Google Translate for Language Learning

Looking back on my first language learning experience - a high schooler in a level one Spanish class - I distinctly recall asking myself, "When am I EVER going to use the word 'skycap' in Spanish? I never use it in English!" Unfortunately, I discovered over the years that many initial study programs are plagued with irrelevant translation exercises, Read more [...]

Learn Vocabulary: Four Simple Methods

Strict memorization of vocabulary words can be a dreadful experience. Flash cards can be downright painful when it comes to learning a new language. But learning new vocabulary words doesn't have to be so dull. I'd like to offer four simple methods to learning vocabulary to make it somewhat more enjoyable - and certainly more effective than straight Read more [...]

Language and Business

For some reason I love hearing about language blunders. For example... For those learning a foreign language these blunders are common and, with the right attitude, can add flavor to the language learning process. In the business world, these blunders are even more poignant because international businesses "should know better," right? One which I Read more [...]