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Learn Vocabulary: Four Simple Methods

Strict memorization of vocabulary words can be a dreadful experience. Flash cards can be downright painful when it comes to learning a new language. But learning new vocabulary words doesn’t have to be so dull. I’d like to offer four simple methods to learning vocabulary to make it somewhat more enjoyable – and certainly more […]

How Much Vocabulary to Study?

If you’ve decided to learn a new language, you will eventually face the inevitable: Vocabulary memorization. But the question often arises, “How many words should I study in a day?” That’s a great question, and it’s different for everyone. Recently I posed that very question on a language learning forum and received some interesting responses. […]

Grammar vs. Vocab – Which comes first?

Recently, I started a thread on a language learning forum and asked the forum members the simple question “Is vocabulary really necessary early on?” I posed this question in all sincerity based on one simple assumption: Vocabulary comes over time whether I like it or not, so wouldn’t a focus on grammar be a better […]