Why Media Helps with Language Learning

- The Media's Role in Language Learning - I'm a strong advocate for using the media for language learning and there is a simple reason for this: We are storytelling creatures, and stories promote language acquisition. George Gerbner wrote about storytelling a lot during his academic career. As a media research scientist, Gerbner focused on storytelling Read more [...]

Language Learning for Children

As a homeschooling father, language learning in the home is very important to me. As a parent, I see regular opportunities for teaching my own children how to learn a language (specifically Spanish in our home). But whether you are a homeschooling family or not there are substantial benefits to learning a second language (such as those found here: Can Read more [...]

Learn Vocabulary: Four Simple Methods

Strict memorization of vocabulary words can be a dreadful experience. Flash cards can be downright painful when it comes to learning a new language. But learning new vocabulary words doesn't have to be so dull. I'd like to offer four simple methods to learning vocabulary to make it somewhat more enjoyable - and certainly more effective than straight Read more [...]